Welcome to my page devoted to the wonderful, versatile Golden Retriever!  Please enjoy the artwork, and keep in mind that most of these can be put on the fun and functional items on the PRODUCTS page.  Until my ordering page is uploaded, please feel free to email me (AnimalArtworks@aol.com)with any orders or questions you may have.  Please be patient while the pictures are loading.  There are a lot of them, so it is worth the wait.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Agility

Golden Autumn Golden Creek

Old Pleasures Golden Dawn Patrol Golden on Dock

Golden Door Mat Golden Dunes Golden Family

Golden Flowers Golden Gate Golden Hunter

Golden Leaves Golden Marsh Scene  (this is also available in a 15 piece tile scene, seebelow) Golden Obedience

Golden Dreams Golden Pair Golden Pup Trio

Golden On Rock Golden Beach Family (this is available as an 18 piece tile scene or as two separate tiles, as shown, seebelow) Golden Versatility

Golden Wet Dog Golden Obedience Golden Beach Head Studies
                                                Golden Beach Mural, shown as an 18 piece tile scene  $225                                  Golden Marsh scene, shown as 15 piece tile scene $190                                  Tiles measure 4.25", but can be made in different sizes.  Call for Pricing.

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