Welcome to my page devoted to the wonderful, versatile Alaskan Malamute!  Please enjoy the artwork, and keep in mind that most of these can be put on the fun and functional items on the PRODUCTS page.  Until my ordering page is uploaded, please feel free to email me (AnimalArtworks@aol.com)with any orders or questions you may have.  Please be patient while the pictures are loading.  There are a lot of them, so it is worth the wait.

Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamute Pair Alaskan Malamute Foursome



Alaskan Malamute Dad & Puppy Alaskan Malamute with Eskimo Alaskan Malamute Litter

AlaskanMalamuteDad & Puppy

AlaskanMalamutewith Eskimo


Alaskan Malamute Mom & Puppy Alaskan Malamute on Rug Alaskan Malamute- Reflections

AlaskanMalamuteMom & Puppy

AlaskanMalamuteon Rug


Alaskan Malamute Litter with Scarf Alaskan Malamute Sled Team Alaskan Malamute Wolfdog

AlaskanMalamutelitter with Scarf

AlaskanMalamuteSled Team


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