Welcome to my page devoted to the wonderful, versatile Newfoundland Dog!  Please enjoy the artwork, and keep in mind that most of these can be put on the fun and functional items on the PRODUCTS page.  Until my ordering page is uploaded, please feel free to email me (AnimalArtworks@aol.com)with any orders or questions you may have.  Please be patient while the pictures are loading.  There are a lot of them, so it is worth the wait.



Apple Cart Beach Girl Boat Retrieve (black)
Boat Retrieve (Landseer) Father Newf Dawn Patrol (Brown)
Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol Dog House Pups
Fence Pups Flower Girl Water Baby
Green Creek Green Mountain Harbor Master
Light House Keeper (also available in Brown and Landseer) Light House Keep, Landseer

Mom and Pups

Newf Mom, Landseer Pair on the Rock Newf Portrait
Smiling Newf Snow Dogs Teal Creek
  Fisherman Friends Black Headstudy
Newf Duo Head Studies Newf Beach Scene - Also Available as an 18 piece tile scene  (see below) or available as separate scenes on various products                
Newf Patience, Black Newf Patience, Landseer Portrait Newf
Storm Girl Storm Dog Autumn Newfs
  Versatile Newf Sandy Puppies
Newf Beach scene available in an 18 piece tile scene.  $225  Also available with all black dogs.  Newf Storm, available in 18 piece tile scene  $225  Tiles measure 4.25" and come in shiny or matte finish.  Can be made from larger tiles.  Please call for pricing.
Newf cut out card holder.  Measures over all about 9"  long.  Dog comes in black, brown or Landseer, as shown  $25 Yard pups photo coming, but check out the Berner yard pups.  Very similar.

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