These Products Make Great Trophy Ideas!

Hand Painted Leather Goods, Hand Painted Wooden Items, Portraits,

Reproduction items for:

  Kitchen, Decorative, Purses, Bags, Wallets, Checkbook Covers, Business Card Holders,  Luggage Tags, Other Neat Stuff

Most of the following items can be personalized with YOUR photo for an additional one time charge per photo.

For t-shirts, sweats, pillows and other stuff, see my Cafe Press page

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Ceramic Cookie Jar, with lid, App 9" high  $40 Heavy Ceramic dog bowl, smal,l app 5"diameter -$25 Large app.7" diameter -$35, suitable for horizontal picture or words Porcelain mugs, 11 oz size.  picture goes all the way around, so you see the same  scene if you are a 'lefty' or a 'righty'   $12 my artwork, $22 your photo
Cutting boards:  Tempered Glass with the design underneath to protect it.  Comes in large (app.12x15") $40 or small (app 8x12")$30  Your photo add $15 7 piece wooden coaster set, comes with holder and six coasters.  Depending on artwork available, can be a variety or all of same.  Holder may vary depending on availability $25 Hardboard coasters, comes 4 in a set, a variety or all the same, depending on artwork available $16,  Your photo $26
Ceramic tiles and trivets  Comes with cork on the back to protect your table, and a ribbon for hanging   6"- $20, 4.25" $15 Napkin Holders, Wooden holder with ceramic tile on both sides $45 Lazy Susan, 4 ceramic tiles in a wood base, App. 10x10"  $55

Wooden Lazy Susan, app 13" across, with your choice of artwork, protected by a hard bar top finish $65 Wooden Serving trays, comes in two sizes, 10x13" $50 and 11x14".  $55.  Available with any artwork, comes either vertical or horizontal Key/Leash Hanger Wood and ceramic tiles.  4 peg hooks fits 4 4.25" tiles, or 3 peg hook, fits 2 6" tiles
Leash/Key rack - Wooden part measures 5x10" with 3 metal hooks for hanging.  Double hangers on back for better balance $25    


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Glass Clocks, 12" diameter, $75  8"diameter $60 Wooden Clock with quartz timepiece.  Measures app.12x12"  $60 Wooden Planter Box with Ceramic tile on front. 4.25 tile - $55, 6" tile - $65, 6x8 tile - $75  Your choice of artwork or can be personalized for Additional $10
Letter Box with 4.25" tile Nice and heavy wood.  Can be hung or set on counter. $35  With your photo, $45 Wooden Box with ceramic 4.25" tile measuring app. 5x5 or 6"tile measuring app. 7x7"  Has hinged back and felt lined inside.  Very nice.  $35 or $45  Also available with your photo, additional $10 Wooden Box with 4x8" ceramic tile.  Suitable for long horizontal scene. Has hinged back and felt lining. $50
  Tile and wooden boxes come in 3 sizes, Front holds 4.25 tile and measures app 6x6x2.5, $40 Right holds 6x6 tile and measures app 8x8x2.5  $50 and Left holds tile sized 5x7 and measures app 7x9. $60 Really nice boxes, lined with felt inside.   
Purses, Bags, Wallets, Checkbook Covers, Business Card Holders,
Faux leather purse with detachable flap. Measures app 7x8x2"  $45, with an additional $10 to personalize.  Buy additional flaps for more variety $20 Faux leather wallet with printed front. Matches faux leather purse.  Buy both as a set and save $5.   Your choice of horizontal picture, app. 4x7"$25 Nylon checkbook cover or trifold wallet.  Checkbook cover has plastic check separator, and slots for credit/grocery cards.  Measures app. 3x6"  Trifold wallet has place for cash, credit cards and photos.  $20  Your photo $30
Vinyl checkbook covers, picture on both sides.  Measures app 3x6' when folded.  $8 Vinyl business card holder.  Similar to checkbook holder.  Great for holding business cards or sweetner packets to keep them from tearing up in you purse $4 Messenger bags with detachable front and adjustable strap..  App. 7x9" $25 or app 8x12" $35.  $10 additional charge for personalization.
Canvas bags, measure app. 12x15"  $15  White bag with picture on front. Leather purses, hand painted with a generic dog of your choice of breed, or with your own dog, for an additional $50  Style A. - $85  Style B.  $75  C. -$125   D.  $125  For more information on purses, see Hand painted section  
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Other Neat Stuff
Small square magnets, made of fiber reinforced plastic, measure just over 2"  $3 Luggage tags.  Your choice of artwork on front, and a place for info on the back.  Comes with a leather strap $6  Can be personalized. Note cards.  Full color, blank inside.  Comes 2 each of variety if available in your breed, or all of one kind.  8 cards and envelopes to a box.  $12
  Mousepads,measures app. 8x9" either vertical or horizontal $12  Can also be personalized for additional $10  
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All Hand Painted items can be personalized.  Please contact me for details

Hand crafted solid wood toy box.  Measures app 22"Lx13"Hx13"W       Simple scene $250 Hand crafted solid wood toy box.  Measures app 22"Lx13"Hx13"W   Detailed Scene $350 and up Hand painted wooden plaque.  Shown in oval 9x12  Your dog $95 Other sizes available.
Granite Pieces.  Size vary  App. sizes  6" $45, 8" $65 10" $75 for inside use.  For outside use, add $20  (different process required) Square Granite or Marble with wooden base.  Shown in black granite.   Measures app. 12"x12" $125  For outside use, add $20 Glass Plates Measures app. 12"  Painted with glass paint, but for decorative use only  $125  Plate designs and colors vary
Excellent quality leather sling bag.  12x9x3"  Flap closure, Front opens to 8" pocket, has a secure pocket with zipper, mesh window and zip pocket.  7" inside zip pocket, 2 exterior zip pockets, adjustable shoulder strap.  Hand painted with Generic dog - $125.  Custom painted with portrait of dog - $175 Bucket style leather purse measures 9 1/2x91/2x31/2" Top zip closure, adjustable shoulder strap, inside pocket.  Hand painted with your choice of breed $125, with portrait of your dog $175 Fine leather wallet, has zippered compartment inside for change, two places for cash and room for credit cards and a drivers license window.  Measures app 31/2x6 1/2. With your choice of breed, $65, with portrait of your dog, $95
Medium sized quality leather purse, app 8x11x3" has inside zipper pocket, zip top closure and adjustable shoulder strap.  Available in taupe, black or beige $85 with your choice of breed or $135 with portrait of your dog. High quality leather Shoulder bag, top zip, with 1" wide shoulder strap.  Interior has elasticized and pleated cell phone pocket, key hook, inside zippered pocket.  Measures 5.25x11x2".  Available in black or brown.  Choose a long scene, as shown, $95, or small head study or standing dog in corner for $65.  Small string purse holds just the things you need without weighing you down.  Passport size, with long string to go across your body for safe carrying.  Fine quality leather painted with head study of your breed choice.  $45.
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